about me

My name is Jim Young. I have been tinkering on the Internet since 1996.

During grad school, I built HOTorNOT, which was quite popular for a while. For three years, I was singlehandedly responsible for product development and engineering, and developed a wide range of experience- from UX design to database tuning, to setting up firewalls and VLANS. I was at HOTorNOT from 2000 to 2005, and remained a shareholder until the company was finally sold.

I hold BS, MS, and Ph.D degrees from the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. My advisor was Richard Newton, and my dissertation was about the design and specification of hetereogeneous embedded systems. I am a board member of the Berkeley Engineering Fund.

Recently I started a new company, Megatasty LLC, that focuses on building social mobile applications. We have a number of apps in the iTunes App Store.

In addition, I like to invest in startups, some of which are listed below. Currently I am one of four partners at i/o ventures, a startup accelerator and workspace / cafe in San Francisco.

I have a blog and twitter, but I update them rarely.

angel investments

Mochi Media acquired by Shanda



Mission Motors


A Thinking Ape





Divvyshot acquired by Facebook

Etacts acquired by Saleforce

i/o ventures




damntheradio acquired by FanBridge


more coming soon!